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Apr 6th, 2021  8:30 PM (EDT)


Apr 7th, 2021  11:30 AM (EDT)

JOIN US to learn all about our SECRET FORMULA that helped tens of thousands of students become proficient in Hebrew in a fast, effective, and entertaining manner, and could help YOU TOO in speaking Hebrew in only 2-WEEKS time!

What  You Can Expect From Attending

In this webinar you will find out how to make your Hebrew learning a success! 


 What are The Essential elements of a NEW METHODOLOGY to effortlessly learn Hebrew.

What is The ONE THING constantly OVERLOOKED by other Hebrew learning methods, and HOW YOU can use it to more than DOUBLE your learning speed. 

What are The Major mistakes people make when trying to study Hebrew

  How YOU TOO CAN successfully learn Hebrew using this methodology.

 What are The Seven Essential Steps Every Successful language learner NEEDS TO TAKE 

 How YOU CAN advance by one full level of Hebrew in ONLY 2 WEEKS of learning, even if you don't know any Hebrew today



If one or more of the following statements resonates with you, you should definitely join our webinar:

The essence of mastering Hebrew is to SPEAK it with confidence

You always wanted to speak Hebrew but never knew where or how to begin

You tried learning Hebrew the conventional way, but it just never paid off - you are still unable to open your mouth in Hebrew

You already spent too much money for too many years on Hebrew learning and got very little to show for it and you think that it will cost a fortune and will take forever to master Hebrew

Maybe you are able to decently read and write Hebrew, but speaking fluent Hebrew seems to be beyond reach.

You think that you're just not cut out for learning Hebrew

When you try to speak Hebrew to Israelis, they always answer in English 

You are ashamed to speak Hebrew, because you feel you sound stupid

You get into a state of anxiety when Israelis around you speak Hebrew

The term "Hebrew verb conjugation" might as well be Chinese for you 

Read what our students had to say about us

Eric Marx, USA

Julia Shapiro, USA

"My wife and I both studied at Ulpan-Or, we were skeptical when we began because it's different the most ulpan programs, but having gone through it, we can't be more supportive of Ulpan-Or and their methods"

"Ulpan Or is an 11 out of 10.

I would recommend it to absolutely anyone who wants to learn Hebrew.

Their flashcards are easy to use.

The workbooks and audio recordings are relevant and detailed.

The instructors are incredibly fun and encouraging, and their methods work!

My confidence and skills with Hebrew have skyrocketed.

Thank you Ulpan Or!"

Hear what our students had to say about us

Sarah Zimerman, USA.

"I am so satisfied with my experience at Ulpan Or. I genuinely feel that the instructors considered my specific learning goals and, through their tremendous help, I am on my way to reaching them.

I know I have made great improvements in my Hebrew language skills in just the two short weeks that I was able to join the program. I now have a lot of tools, as well, to continue to grow my Hebrew skills"

 Sarah Sanders, USA

"I think this is really a format that could work for many different people, no matter what their level, no matter their experience or the exposure to Hebrew before they come to the Ulpan"


Here Are Some of The Organizations We Are Proud To Partner With

Masa - Israel Journey


Onward Israel

The Israel Defense Force (IDF)

The Jewish Agency

Magen David Adom

The Brazilian Embassy in Israel 

The American Embassy in Israel

And More Than 100 Schools and Universities Worldwide

Presented By:

 Orly and Yoel Ganor, founders of "Ulpan-OR"

Hello, we are Orly and Yoel Ganor founders of "Ulpan-Or", the world's leading Hebrew learning institute. Our school specializes in teaching Hebrew to all ages and all levels of knowledge, in the fastest most enjoyable way, using the revolutionary RLA (Rapid Language Acquisition) method we have developed after more than 20 years of research. 

And we want to invite you to our FIRST EVER learning webinar:

JOIN US for this one-of-kind opportunity to learn about the GROUNDBREAKING method which helped more than 40,000 students become proficient in Hebrew in the fastest most and engaging fashion.

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